This project is a fork of the outstanding JP Mining Note project created by Aquafina-Water-Bottle. Aquafina went silent a couple of months ago, and in the meantime, bugs have started to creep into this project as other supporting software has received updates.

The purpose of this fork is to provide bugfixes for JPMN until Aquafina returns to take over maintenance again. I don't have the time or expertise to continue adding features to the note, but hopefully I can keep it functional.

Version has been released alongside this fork. It resolves a bug that prevented pitch accent information from being displayed correctly after a recent AJTJapanese update. Click here for instructions on updating.

When Aquafina returns and resumes maintenance of the main project, I will close down this fork. The documentation for the original project can be found here.


This is the documentation for the stable version of JPMN (Version 0.11). At this point though, it seems that far more people use the prerelease version (0.12). For this reason, bugs tend to be found and fixed more quickly in the prerelease version.

The documentation for the stable version is pretty much complete, while the docs for the prerelease version are largely incomplete. Even if you install the prerelease version, these stable docs may still be useful in some cases.

Keep the above points in mind when deciding which version to install.

If you want to install the prerelease version, the docs can be found here

Welcome to jp-mining-note's documentation! Here are a few demos:

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Last update: January 24, 2024